Friday, August 30, 2013

Primo Art Spa Open House, October 12, 2013

Sisters Mary Aalgaard and Joy Ciaffoni have opened the Primo Art Spa in the Brainerd area. We offer a place where you can explore your art. 

Joy offers private lessons for voice, piano, and art, specializing in pottery, hand building fairy houses.

Mary offers private piano lessons, tutoring for writing and blogging, and classes on play writing and acting.

Millie and Willie invite you to the Primo Art Spa!

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, we are having an Open House at the Primo Art Spa in Brainerd, MN. It's open to any age. Each class is $20.00. We provide all supplies as well as instruction. Young children need to be accompanied by an adult.

12:00 pm: Sock Puppet Party. We'll be making our own sock puppets (Millie and Willie needs friends), and creating characters. We can also start to think about making a puppet show.

2:00 pm: Pottery, Build you own Fairy House, or other hand building project. Joy will be there to assist you. You'll need to plan to come back another day to glaze your house. The first step in pottery is to build your form. It's fired, and then you can paint, or glaze, it, and it's fired again. (Check out our recent posts to see the process in action.)

4:00 Journal Making and Writing

We'll begin each class with some music, and a skit by Millie and Willie at the start of the Sock Puppet Party. We will also offer refreshments.

Email us to reserve a spot for any, or all, of these classes

On Saturday, October 26, 2013, we will be conducting a Music Workshop called "The Power of Intention." Email us to get signed up for this workshop.

If you are looking for a voice, piano, or art teacher, let us know!


In a world of creative constipation, we're here to get things moving!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unveiling of the Fairy Houses

Last Tuesday we had a pick up party and unveiling of the Fairy Houses from our Build Your Own Fairy House class. It was so exciting!

This is how it looked after the hand building and first firing.
Then, the girls glazed it and it was fired again.
And, then, Ta-Da!

It's so cute!
If I were a fairy, I'd totally move in here!
And, then, we had cake!
Willie:  Look, Millie, it's you?
Millie gives Willie a sideways look and a raise of her eyebrows.

Joy's robot guy.

The pick up party turned into a giggling, running around the house, meet & greet the neighbors party.
What a hoot!

And, delicious cake was had by all.

Contact Joy for a chance to build your very own fairy house.
We're looking at a Saturday morning in October for a Sock Puppet Party for kids in elementary school. We'll make sock puppets (friends for Millie and Willie), create characters, and make plans for a puppet show. Who's in?
Email us to get on the contact list for classes and shows.
Go. Create. Inspire!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun at the Fairy House Building Class

Private lessons for voice and piano, and some art and writing classes, we offer at our Art Spa House. Sometimes, we teach classes at other locations, like the Build Your Own Fairy House class. Joy held this class at the Franklin Arts Center in the pottery room. This class was offered to any age. We had a few grown-ups, moms & daughters, grandma & granddaughter, and a dad & daughter. What a fun way to play together!

Concentration and team work!
The first session, we hand built our houses. Then, they were fired. We came back the next week to paint (glaze) our houses. Now, they've been fired again and are ready to be revealed. The pick up party is Tuesday evening, Aug. 13, at 6:30 at the Art Spa House. If you'd like to check out the houses, let us know. We'll also have a little music and a cake walk!
If you're interested in voice, piano, art, or writing/blogging classes, contact Joy or Mary at