Laugh at Lunch, aka Artist Support Group

Following our motto: In a world of creative constipation, we're here to get things moving, we're open at the Primo Art Spa, 323 N. 2nd Street, Brainerd, from 11:30-12:30 (noon) on Thursdays for an artist support group. We started with Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way, and expanded from there. We've done zen tangles, group activities, discussion on hopes, fears, and goals, and one day, we cast it all aside and played a game. And, we laughed! Hence, a new name has evolved.

Laugh at Lunch!

Join us for lunch (bring your own or a snack to share)
Use this time to help get your creative energy flowing.
We're a support group that offers encouragement and a safe place to express your fears, or get things moving in your creative life. We also have materials available if you need a creative break to paint, draw, or make a zen tangle.

Joy used her Zen Tangle as a cover on her handmade journal.

We usually laugh. Sometimes, we cry. Most of the time, we leave feeling inspired and ready to live a creative life.

Join us between 11:30-12:30!
Drop-ins welcome.
Suggested donation: $5.00

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