Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Music Party at Primo Art Spa

We had a blast at our Primo Art Spa Music Party, Monday, 12/30/13. Joy and I invited our students and their friends and family to come over for music and cookies to celebrate a great year of music making. They also got in on a photo shoot by Joey Halvorson for the Feb. issue of Her Voice. Sheila Helmberger wrote a story on our Primo Art Spa. Here are a few highlights from our party.

Parker playing, her sister Peyton singing, and Ava looking on.

Joy and I baked cookies for the event.
The kids could decorate their own cookies.

How many can we have, Mom?

The photographer, Joey Halvorson, chatting with piano mom, Rachel Rahn.
I wonder what they're cookin' up for the New Year?

Ava, Peyton, and Parker wanted to keep playing piano all day.
Girls after my own heart.
I love a piano...

Young player, watching, learning, and admiring the advanced player.

A great day to hang at the Primo Art Spa!

What artistic dreams do you have for 2014? Can we offer you space to create, a class, voice lessons? What's your word for the year? My friend JeMA picked brave. I chose Prosper and fun. I'll write about that on my writer's blog, Play off the Page. Joy said she and her friend Genesa want the phrase ridiculously happy!

Have a Very Blessed New Year!

In a world of creative constipation, we're here to get things moving!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Engagement Party at Primo Art Spa

Congratulations to Nate and Joy on your engagement. 
Happy Planning!

Christmas Day, 2013, at The Aalgaard Farm

Cheers to the happy couple!

We celebrated with Joy making us a pineapple/chicken stir-fry with jasmine rice.

Genessa, a friend from Portland, tried out her new shortbread pan.
Shortbread cookies with orange zest and chocolate drizzle.
We decided that we don't count calories during the time from Christmas to New Year's!

Fun snowflake pattern to commemorate her time in wintery Minnesota.

Krista and Mary, indulging.

Another friend from Portland, OR, skyped in.

Relaxing together.

The Christmas Tree with special ornaments.

The Primo Art Spa has many wonderful engagements coming up in 2014. Visit often for details, or email us to set up a time for music lessons, art or writing classes, or pottery sessions.
218-232-6069 (Mary)
503-975-9906 (Joy)

We're here to help you get things moving in 2014!