Friday, November 1, 2013

First Spooky Night at the Primo Art Spa

The trick-or-treaters ran around like ants on the pavement on All Hallow's Eve in North Brainerd. We worried that we'd run out of treat bags. Some kiddos looked at the bag and said, "Cool, a bag. Thanks!" Some said, "What's this?" Most of them said "Thanks," and ran off to the next house. Some were tiny little bugs scooting up the steps. Some were big kids, well seasoned in the art of trick-or-treating, with extra large pillow cases. My favorite costume was "The Fonz." Wish I'd snapped his picture. I was impressed that a youngster knew about "The Fonz." Super heroes, particularly Captain America, and creepy guys are still popular. Many little girls were princesses or fairies. A few folks were inventive with the costumes. One family looked horrifying in a bloody accident theme. I gestured up the street to the emergency room entrance.

One little spookster said, "This IS a witch house." 
I cackled back at him.

Good witch sister

Evil witch sister

Witch sister is that?

Claude the pumpkin head

Extra creepy pumpkin.
Some dumb trickster knocked this one off the ledge.
That's when we turned off the lights and locked the door.
We were almost out of treats by then, anyway.

"Let me read your fortune."

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween evening. We had a blast greeting the youngsters and waving at the parents. We started making plans for next year, a Friday night haunt. There might be a cauldron and potions involved. Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
William Shakespeare

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  1. Too cute! Sorry we missed the fun there; we were having our own fun here.