Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Music Party at Primo Art Spa

We had a blast at our Primo Art Spa Music Party, Monday, 12/30/13. Joy and I invited our students and their friends and family to come over for music and cookies to celebrate a great year of music making. They also got in on a photo shoot by Joey Halvorson for the Feb. issue of Her Voice. Sheila Helmberger wrote a story on our Primo Art Spa. Here are a few highlights from our party.

Parker playing, her sister Peyton singing, and Ava looking on.

Joy and I baked cookies for the event.
The kids could decorate their own cookies.

How many can we have, Mom?

The photographer, Joey Halvorson, chatting with piano mom, Rachel Rahn.
I wonder what they're cookin' up for the New Year?

Ava, Peyton, and Parker wanted to keep playing piano all day.
Girls after my own heart.
I love a piano...

Young player, watching, learning, and admiring the advanced player.

A great day to hang at the Primo Art Spa!

What artistic dreams do you have for 2014? Can we offer you space to create, a class, voice lessons? What's your word for the year? My friend JeMA picked brave. I chose Prosper and fun. I'll write about that on my writer's blog, Play off the Page. Joy said she and her friend Genesa want the phrase ridiculously happy!

Have a Very Blessed New Year!

In a world of creative constipation, we're here to get things moving!

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