Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Premier Event for Primo Art Spa!

For our premier event for Primo Art Spa, we provided live music at Glaze 2 Amaze in down town Brainerd, MN. People came to paint a plate, or other ceramic, while Joy sang and Mary accompanied her. Some of the songs we did were:
Heart and Soul
Fine, Fine Line
Then, He Kissed Me
What'll I Do?
Sweet Violets
You, and the Night, and the Music
and a few more as people were getting into their painting.

Sisters, Mary Aalgaard and Joy Ciaffoni, provide music at Glaze 2 Amaze.

Here's what one artist had to say:

Thanks for the invite! I was very into what I was doing and was equally drawn into the music as I was creating art. The music kinda disappeared into the whole process.. like it was a part of the creative process. If there was no music it would not have been the same. Kinda sounded like as people got more present in their own creativity, the verbal or physical response to the music waned ( clapping etc) but when Joy and you stopped then we were all expectant of more. Like having brownies with a glass of milk. If the milk is not there then one can't eat the brownie!! I loved it and I felt like I could have stayed and done more... but alas, time is always our enemy!

Thanks, Sylvie!

Rebekkah, age 5 said, "That was the best party ever!"

The girls chose to paint a unicorn and a piggy bank.
A dog dish is also fun!

And, it's a great night out with the kids!
Check back in the next week to find out more about our next Art Spa event. We hope to combine many different art forms: painting, music, writing, acting, and more. If you have any ideas or requests, contact us at!

In a world of creative constipation, we're here to get things moving!

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