Friday, February 1, 2013

Plates that Serve up Inspiration!

They're out of the kiln and lookin' good. The plates, dog dish, and cute animals that the kids painted are fired and ready to be picked up at Glaze 2 Amaze. These are the gorgeous finished products from our fun Paint to Music event on January 24, 2013. 

A sampling of the plates
Who's the lucky dog who gets to drink or eat from this dish made with love?
All you artists are Brilliant!!
Sylvie, who is into nebulae a the moment, has already served us support and inspiration on this plate!
Alright, who's in for the next event? Check back soon to see what we're cookin' up!
Let your creative spirit soar!


  1. love these---makes me smile, looking at them---keep it up!!

  2. Mary and Joy, I love the beautiful butterfly and rainbow branding you've got going on. Very attractive and inviting!