Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pad Thai and Sock Puppets

Primo Art Spa is kicking things off with Pad Thai and Sock Puppets!

We devoured the evening's activities like a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Joy tried out a new recipe on the four of us, Pad Thai with chicken, rice noodles, peanuts, crushed red pepper, and egg. Krista said, "This is the best meal I've eaten all year. And, I don't mean just since Januaray, but in the last year." Joy served it with a mango and coconut salad and stir-fry vegetables, topping off the meal with her decadent, irresistible and unbeatable chocolate cake. It spoils you for any other chocolate cake.
Joy holding her famous chocolate cake, which she baked for herself on her birthday.
Nobody does it better.
Then, we sat down for some puppet fun. Joy made the socks out of fleece. We decorated them to create characters, and Mary handed out notecards with prompts for creating the character, including name, age, occupation, favorite saying, and quirk. We had a hoot playing a name game, role-playing and acting out scenes.
Thanks, Lisa and Krista for coming to our first Sock Puppet Party for the Primo Art Spa! Your encouragement and laughter from the fun inspire us to plan more events.
If you'd like us to do a puppet party with awesome cupcakes for a birthday party, or any kind of celebration, email us at
In a world of creative constipation, we're here to get things moving!

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  1. Best food, wine and sock puppets ever! Thanks for a creative and yummy evening!