Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unveiling of the Fairy Houses

Last Tuesday we had a pick up party and unveiling of the Fairy Houses from our Build Your Own Fairy House class. It was so exciting!

This is how it looked after the hand building and first firing.
Then, the girls glazed it and it was fired again.
And, then, Ta-Da!

It's so cute!
If I were a fairy, I'd totally move in here!
And, then, we had cake!
Willie:  Look, Millie, it's you?
Millie gives Willie a sideways look and a raise of her eyebrows.

Joy's robot guy.

The pick up party turned into a giggling, running around the house, meet & greet the neighbors party.
What a hoot!

And, delicious cake was had by all.

Contact Joy for a chance to build your very own fairy house.
We're looking at a Saturday morning in October for a Sock Puppet Party for kids in elementary school. We'll make sock puppets (friends for Millie and Willie), create characters, and make plans for a puppet show. Who's in?
Email us to get on the contact list for classes and shows.
Go. Create. Inspire!

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