Saturday, January 11, 2014

Puppet Theatre at The Crossing Arts Flipside Class

Today, I taught a class for the Crossing Arts Alliance Flipside class. Flipside is for kids in our area to experience the arts in various ways. Every month on the 2nd Saturday, you can bring your kids to the Franklin Arts Center for an art class or Arty Party. They also offer classes in the summer for art, theatre, and writing. I taught the writing class with Guy Kelm last summer, and we'll be teaching it again this coming June. Can't wait....for the class and summer!

For my class today, I had the kids make puppets out of paper plates or bags. They created characters with the puppets and used large tag board to illustrate the backdrop of their puppet play. They all performed a play at the end of the time. They did all this in less than two hours! Thanks to the parents who stayed and helped their kids create.

Paper, glue, popsicle sticks, pens, pencils, and markers

Getting the setting ready

A director in the making, Cora had many hands helping her!

The art is in the details

In "Erin and Hans meet the Cyclops" by Kaya, Erin and Hans' date takes an abrupt turn when Cloppy, the Cyclops shows up!

In "A Day with a Friend" Dina the Dinosaur and Cookie Monster have an adventure involving a park, a slide, a sleepover, and of course, COOKIES!

The playwright Rilee

I believe the name of this show is "Chocolate Bunnies" by Cora.
What happens when a prince eats too many chocolate bunnies and gets turned into a monster?

Caleb tells the tale of "A Bad Fishing Day."
A tragedy at sea.

He needed assistance from his sister to manipulate all the charaters:
the fisherman, three fish, a shark, and a net!

On a quest for the special macadamia nut, several characters run into trouble, including a cyclops that looks like a lion, and the three-headed monster named Bill BillBob and Bob, in that order.

Playwright Karl already had a detailed plot.
I can't wait to watch the sequel.

As Joy and I are forming classes at the Primo Art Spa, we want to offer experiences in performing arts. If you are interested in classes in acting, puppet plays, and/or writing plays, send us a message.

Look for a Saturday morning class for elementary age kids this spring on creating your own puppet plays!


  1. so cool! i used to work with puppet theatre too---kids adore this stuff!!